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CHARM STUDIO specializes in illuminating personality & uniqueness that has lasting power. Through good design, and good relationships, we build brands that are authentic, unexpected, intentional and made to last — oh and above all, charming.

Do some exploring & see what we mean   ⟶ 

Charm is that euphemism people always use when they’re trying to generously describe a dusty (maybe smelly), small, old house full of weird detail and character.

Well, there’s something about that, that just feels kinda right.

We’re SMALL, interesting (not smelly), a little bit weird and always memorable.

We couldn’t have reached this point without your genuine passion for understanding not only the business but also its roots, culture and values. I’m so grateful I connected with/invested in Charm Studio.

Gina, Humble Boots

It is VERY rare that someone gets so little feedback from me in this sort of context. I thought I'd have so much more to say, particularly around the colors because I'm just so picky but you did a great job gauging what I'd like and making a cohesive palette. I was so nervous to spend a large chunk of money so early on, but it was so worth it! 

Christine, Christine's Bakery

Grace is talented and hard working, but above all, she's great to work with. She understands the value of a strong brand and always brings new and exciting ideas to the table. I highly recommend Grace for any creative job.  I’d welcome the opportunity to work with Grace again in the future time and time again!

Jennifer, Monumental Sports

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